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New members are always welcome – feel free to stop by any of our meetings, find us on Facebook or contact us for more information!

REGULAR MEETINGS: Wednesday at 4:30 in Arts 101




Meetings & Tournaments


Our 2018-2019 meeting schedule is Mondays at 4:30 in Arts 108. New members are always welcome! Meetings generally include a training session and a practice round of debate.

Contact us if you have any questions.


In addition to hosting at least two tournaments each year (the Diefenbaker Cup in the fall and the Flatland Derby in the winter), members regularly travel to compete in tournaments across the country.

Funding is available to all club members to help cover travel and registration costs. You must be a member of USDS before competing in any tournament.

The 2018-2019 tournament schedule is below including tournament date, title, and host. Contact the U of S Debate Exec if you’re interested in participating in a tournament, representing the U of S!

Here’s a sample video of the USDS trip to Vancouver for Pacific Cup to show you how much fun an external tournament can be!

Fall 2018

October 5th-7th WC Novice Championships- BP UBCDS
October 19th– 21st Fall Open – BP UCDS
November 3rd– 4th Diefenbaker Cup- BP USDS
November 10th– 11th Hugill Cup- BP UADS
November 16th-18th UBC IV- BP UBCDS

Winter 2019

January 12th– 13th CP Pro Am- CP UCDS
February 9th– 10th Pacific Cup UBCDS
March 2nd– 3rd McGoun UADS

Become a member

We’re always looking for new members! To join, simply come out to any one of our regular meetings.

The cost for new members is just $10. Returning members pay $20. This fee must be payed before competing in any tournament.

How we debate

The U of S Debate Society debates in two different styles. From September to December, we debate in British Parliamentary (BP) style. In the winter term (January to April), we switch to Canadian Parliamentary (CP) style.

British Parliamentary

BP style mimics a coalition government with a split opposition. There are four teams: 1st proposition (prime minister and deputy prime minister), 1st opposition (leader of the opposition and deputy leader opposition), 2nd proposition (member of government and government whip), and 2nd opposition (member of opposition and opposition whip).

Fifteen minutes before the debate, everyone is given a motion which is not open to interpretation. The proposition supports the motion, while the opposition opposes the motion. A debate runs as follows: PM (7 min), LO (7 min), DPM (7 min), DLO (7 min), MG (7 min), MO (7 min), GW (7 min), OW (7 min).

In this style each closing team must support their respective opening team, but by extending the debate in a new direction (so if 1st proposition focused on the practicalities of legalizing marijuana, 2nd proposition could focus on moral reasons to do so). The whip speeches are rebuttals, providing a biased summary of the debate. Throughout the debate, debaters can rise on points of information (POIs), asking a question or giving a short comment. At the end, the judges rank the teams from 1 to 4 based on how well they argued and fulfilled their role as a team.

Canadian Parliamentary

CP style is a simple, two-team style. Each team consists of two people, and will be either the government (pro/affirmative side) or the opposition (con/negative side). The two members of the government team are the prime minister and the minister of the crown, while the two members of the opposition team are the leader of the opposition and the member of the opposition.

Fifteen minutes before the debate, the government team prepares a case based on a topic of their choosing (e.g. ‘Marijuana should be legalized’ or ‘Batman is cooler than Superman’). The opposition won’t know anything about the case until the debate begins.

A CP debate runs as follows: PM constructive (6 or 7 min); MO or LO (7 min); MC (7 min); LO (10 minutes, including a three-minute rebuttal) or MO (7 minutes, followed immediately by three-minute rebuttal from LO); PM rebuttal (3 or 4 min).

Public speech

Public speech takes place at many debate tournaments. Each participant makes a three-minute speech on any topic they wish. Winning speeches are almost always humourous.


The U of S Debate Society is the oldest student group on campus. Formed in January of 1912 by members of the Literary Society and Student Representative Council, the club has been largely active for more than 104 years. Among our founding members was the The Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker – the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.

We have hosted the annual John G. Diefenbaker Invitational Tournament for over 30 years, as well as title tournaments such as the McGoun Western Canadian Championship. We also host two to three high school tournaments each year.


2018-19 Executive

President – Kagen Newman

kagen.jpgKagen Newman is in his third year of debate and final year of Environmental Earth Science.  If you’re trying to spot him in a crowd, look for the guy dancing around in a cardigan talking about his love of tag yourself memes and Edna Mode from the Incredibles. Throughout the semester you can expect Kagen to be marching in late, beating you at 10-pin bowling, and incapacitating you with his dynamite dance moves. Swipe right to find out more!

VP Internal – David Hartman David

David Hartman is in his second year of debate. He is in Edwards School of Business and takes a lot of photos. Outside of debate, David is very active in the arts and knows how to own the mic at a karaoke night. While David might lack spec knowledge for most political rounds, he’s surprisingly well informed on America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton.

VP External – Aqsa Hussain

AqsaAqsa Hussain, pronounced like -uck in duck and -saw like a saw, is in her second year of university debate and Political Studies. She is your trusty debate mom to help you make it to and from tournaments alive. Her hobbies include photography, sleeping and procrastinating. She loves basically every animal, but especially her new pet hamster named Cruton– if you want to see a picture, just ask.

VP Finance – Andy Luu


Andy is a 3rd year Chemistry Student that is also beginning his 3rd year of debate. His illustrious list of university achievements include dissolving his jeans with hydrochloric acid, dropping a professors mug while asking for a higher mark, and nearly oversleeping for multiple exams. When he’s not busy coercing people into joining debate, he is often staying up late playing video games while blaming classes for a chronic lack of sleep. However, he’s always willing to answer any questions, whether it be about debate or the club’s finances.

VP Training – Rahul ParekhRahul2

Rahul is the most experienced debater on the Executive and has spent years debating at the university and high school level.  When he’s not busy with debate, Rahul spends his time trying to get into med school (we’re all really cheering for him!).  You might not know it based on his coolheaded demeanor, but Rahul’s actually very bad at directions and can’t find a single room in STM. Even though he’s always occupied with studying, he loves helping novices become their best debate-selves!

Elections for all executive positions take place at the AGM in April.




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