Welcome to the University of Saskatchewan Debate Society!

New members are always welcome – feel free to stop by any of our meetings, find us on Facebook or contact us for more information!

REGULAR MEETINGS: Wednesday at 4:30 in Arts 101

Resources for Members


Competative selection – Appendix A shows points rubric of how we select debators to attend tournaments and recieve funding

Hugill Tournamnet at the U of A in Edmonton November 8 – 10 — Due October 31

Funding form for debators who attended Fall Open

Training Materials

Debate Dictionary to look up terms you don’t know




2019-20 Executive

President – Abby Vadeboncoeur


Abby is in her final year of a History degree with a Philosophy minor at uSask, but don’t be fooled- philosophy motions still strike fear in her heart. When she isn’t debating, she can usually be found teaching swimming lessons, on the 4th floor of the Murray writing an essay, or avoiding doing the dishes. Abby’s dream is to one day debate a motion where her memorization of all 83 One Direction songs will come in handy, but unfortunately that spec has yet to pay off.

VP Internal – Gillian Leach


Gillian has been debating since high school and has travelled across Canada to compete in multiple competitions across multiple circuits. When she isn’t debating, taking Biology classes, or listening to New York Times podcasts, you can usually catch her at the best concert that weekend or reading in the bowl. 

VP External – Madison Olynyk


Madison is the VP External of the USDS by day, but at debate tournaments she follows her true calling as the director, producer, cinematographer, and founder of the USDS Vlogs © (https://www.youtube.com/user/uofsdebate). When she isn’t debating and vlogging, Madison studies Political Studies at the U of S. She also dresses up as Disney princesses for children’s parties- if you ask nicely, she might even give you Belle, Ariel, or Snow White’s autograph.

VP Finance – Andy Luu


Andy is a 4th year Chemistry Student that is also beginning his 4th year of debate. His illustrious list of university achievements include dissolving his jeans with hydrochloric acid, dropping a professors mug while asking for a higher mark, and nearly oversleeping for multiple exams. When he’s not busy coercing people into joining debate, he is often staying up late playing video games while blaming classes for a chronic lack of sleep. However, he’s always willing to answer any questions, whether it be about debate or the club’s finances.

VP Training – Aqsa Hussain


Aqsa Hussain, pronounced like -uck in duck and -saw like a saw, is in her third year of university debate and Political Studies. She is your trusty debate mom to help you make it to and from tournaments alive. Her hobbies include photography, sleeping and procrastinating. She loves basically every animal, but especially her new pet hamster named Cruton– if you want to see a picture, just ask.



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